Our communities are in crisis

117 Million

Individuals in the US have one or more preventable chronic diseases related to poor diet

$50 – $150

Is the hourly cost of preventative nutrition services and is not covered by insurance providers

$730.4 Billion

Was spent on treating preventable disease in the USA in 2016


Spent on prevention can save up to $6 in health spending

How we are helping

Nutrition Counseling In Food Shelves

We partner with local food shelves to provide highly personalized, prevention-focused nutrition counseling that is tailored to those experiencing food insecurity in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro.
Not only does this increase access to a traditionally costly service, it enables food shelves to provide these services without the strain of developing a unique program.

15+ Years Experience


What our clients say

"I feel like I am more aware of what I am having to eat and feeding my family. I for sure have way more energy. Overall, I am just feeling great… For a long time I always thought I was never doing enough. But this all changed when I got some good education from the best dietitian anyone could have.”.

Janay G

“I have hypoglycemia. I have been feeling better since I have been in the program… I would recommend it and have recommended it already to friends and family.”

Grace R

“Setting small but realistic goals has been the most helpful during this program… It helps to have someone you feel is working and thinking beside you on ideas to keep you on track and mindful.”

Ameena E